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Meet Wendy

Unsatisfied with her asthma diagnosis, Wendy became a strong advocate for herself and the search for knowledge regarding Neuroendocrine Cancer. She had a right lung lobectomy in 2005 and then became a veterinarian, wife and mom of 2 girls. Alongside her love for her family, friends and veterinary medicine she enjoys raising awareness and raising funds to help the Neuroendocrine community through NCAN. She strives for patients to advocate for themselves and partner with their doctor to find the best care for them. Knowing someone or talking to someone who has the same disease as you is a feeling that can’t be matched. That’s why she wants to be an important part of the NC/VA local chapter!

Meet Alexandria

Lung Neuroendocrine patient diagnosed in 2019, just one month after getting married, and week after turning 25. Had surgery to remove NET which included entire left lung in Jan 2020, and am currently under surveillance. I live in Southern VA with my husband PJ and our fur baby Juno. I was an Assistant Bank Manager, but I am currently staying home due to CoVid-19, and using the time to go back to school! I enjoy traveling, crafts, Netflix, and reading! To help myself cope with my diagnosis I started a blog, Alex’s Zebra Chronicles on Facebook. There I log my journey and help spread NET awareness. My blog(link) has lead me to have a great passion for advocating and spreading awareness! I am excited to be a NCAN chapter leader where I can use this passion to make connections with other patients and caregivers.

Dr. Wendy Knoll


Ms. Alexandria Jungling



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This NCAN chapter support group meets virtually every other month.

Our Next Virtual Meeting:

Saturday April 24, 2021

The exact dates and times may vary, so check with me  before hand, or join our group  and receive email updates.

All patients, caregivers and others interested in NET are always welcome.


NCAN Chapter Support Group meetings are built on the concept of patients helping patients.


Our meetings are all about getting to know people who understand exactly what you’re going through, and about getting you the most up-to-date information on NET testing, treatment options, and lifestyle tips.

Each meeting is a way to connect with others who are experiencing life with Net/Carcinoid Cancer.  This Support Group is a safe, friendly place to talk, laugh, and even cry; and a place to always be inspired and encouraged. You will always find lots of the most up-to-date information on NET/Carcinoid testing, treatment options, and lifestyle tips available to educate and help you along your journey.

Each NCAN Support Group is led by, and for, people who have, or are caring for someone, with NET/Carcinoid Cancer. Together we understand and can support what each other is going through.

This group is open to all patients, caregivers, and family members as well as those in the medical profession.

We hope you decide to JOIN US at an upcoming meeting…we look so forward to meeting you!

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