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I was diagnosed in January of 2012 with a midgut (ileum) NET primary tumor and had small bowel resection and tumor removal. In February 2013 due to metastasis to liver, I had a right hemicolectomy (right liver lobe removed), and had my appendix and gall bladder removed.
I began a small NETS support group (only 2 people) in May of 2014 and now have 30 people on our email list. I was NED (No Evidence of Disease) for about 3 years but then saw some new growth. I started on monthly lanreotide shots in May 2016. In June of 2018, after a Gallium 68 Dotatate Scan. I had some bone metastasis and liver tumors showing up. I started on zometa IV monthly for bone mets and am now on an every 6 months Zometa IV.
I had abdominal surgery at Baylor University Hospital by Dr. Yi Zarn Wang in November 2018 when over 50 NETS tumors were removed. I am currently seeing NETS specialist, Dr. Heloise Soares (studied under Dr. Jonathan Strosberg at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL) at UNM Cancer Center in Albuquerque, NM.
It is my desire to try to provide current NETS info to our Albuquerque support group and to let newly diagnosed patients know that there are a lot of options available bringing great hope.

Mr. Terry Nelson

(505) 269-4641


We currently meet at:
Winslow Wood and Associates Office
2201 San Pedro NE – Building #25, Albuquerque, NM 87110

Winslow Wood and Associates Office is on the west side of San Pedro just past Indian School but before you go across I-40 if you are coming south on San Pedro. It is next door to Wayland Baptist University.

Lunch will be provided.

The exact dates and times will vary, so check with me  before hand, or join our group  and receive email updates.


This NCAN chapter support group aims to meet on a quarterly basis.

Next quarterly meeting: November 30th, 10:00AM – NOON.
Terry Nelson will share about his first PRRT Treatment at UNM Cancer.

Join our group  and receive email updates.


NCAN Chapter Support Group meetings are built on the concept of patients helping patients.

We are all about getting to know people who understand exactly what you’re going through. Via our meetings, group emails and one on one phone calls we try to keep each other updated. (testing, diet, surgery, chemo, conferences, treatments, etc.) In addition, we provide support, direction and hope as we deal with this cancer together.

We hope you decide to JOIN us…we look so forward to meeting you!

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