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NCAN Grand Rapids Chapter 2019


HI Group! A couple things!

I have not been able to get the slides from the PRRT, AAA presentation last September’s meeting. They no longer release their slide content! Sorry…I tried and so did the NCAN office! You can do a search for PRRT Lutathera and there are a number of links, several U-tube Videos on the “Day Of”.

I want to remind you of the NCAN website!


It is user friendly, looks great, has tons of great info, and should be your first stop when you have questions!

One great area is NCAN’s Events Archives  under the RESOURCE ROOM top menu option. Many great Videos from past meetings!

Several people have asked about the NET Term worksheet we used at the last meeting. It is available both as an Excel file and a PDF. If you really want to challenge yourself, print it and folder over the “answer” column until you fill it out!

Deb Bucholtz shared a chart of where nutrients are digested in the GI system. I found several other charts that are related and interesting, the links are below.


**Agenda for Feb 2019 Meeting (PDF):
agenda_michigan _ncan_chapter_021619